4 Things To Check For Before Purchasing A Transmission Online

If the transmission in your vehicle recently went out, you can greatly reduce your repair bill by finding a new transmission for your vehicle online. Here are four things you need to check for before you press "buy" on a new transmission online

#1. Make Sure You Know Exactly What You Need

Before you purchase a new or used transmission online for your vehicle, make sure that you know exactly what you need. Take your vehicle to a mechanic and have them inspect your current transmission. Ask them to let you know the exact serial number, type, and manufacturer of your current transmission. You also need to know the size of your engine as well as your VIN number. Use that information to purchase a new transmission online. Do not just search for one by your vehicle's year, make and model. Although that should produce an accurate result, you may have a different transmission in your vehicle. It is always better to search for a specific transmission instead of just one for your type of vehicle.

#2. Check For Accreditations Before Purchasing

Next, before you purchase a used transmission from an online company or junkyard, do your research on the company. If you are trying to purchase from a junkyard, see if they are part of either the United Recyclers Group or the Automotive Recyclers Association; these associations only accept members who run quality junkyards. If you are buying it from a company you are not familiar with, look up their Better Business Bureau rating.

#3. Always Get A Warranty With The Transmission

When purchasing online, make sure that you always get a warranty with your transmission. The last thing you want to do is pay out all the money for a new transmission and then pay out labor hours that it will take to replace your transmission. A warranty protects you in the rare chance that your used transmission fails. If there is an option to add labor protection to the warranty, you should pay for that upgrade. Labor for installing a transmission can often meet or exceed the cost of the actual part.

#4. Make Sure Your Purchase Is Secure

Before giving up your personal financial information online, you should always make sure that the site you are using is properly protecting your information. When you go to check out, on the page where you enter in your payment information, there should be a lock symbol right next to the URL information. This symbol lets you know that your financial information is secure.

You'll only save money when you purchase a transmission online if you purchase the correct type of transmission, and you purchase one that is of good quality. Make sure that you follow the four tips above to get the most accurate and best replacement transmission for your money.

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